3W Wall Washer/Uplighter
3W Wall Washer/Uplighter

3W Wall Washer/Uplighter

Code: SLDWW-3W

Price on Application

3w Solar Powered LED Wall Washer/Uplighter with Built-In Solar Panel. Equipped with a dim lighting option to save your battery life, this light is easy to use and install and perfect for all your lighting needs. This versatile light offers so many different applications, why would you settle for anything else?

3 year Warranty!


  • 10x SMD Warm White LEDs @ 0.2Wea
  • 1x 16.28WH Li-Ion Battery
  • 4W Built-In Solar Panel
  • Dust and Water Protection Rating – IP65
  • Extruded Aluminium Construction
  • 270 Lumens at 1 metre


  • Day/Night Sensor
  • Adjustable LED Tube and Bracket
  • 2 lighting modes
    Mode 1: 100% brightness 6 hours + 15% until dawn
    Mode 2: 100% brightness 5 hours + 15% for 6 hours 
  • Surface Mounted Base
    • Up-lighting Trees
    • Signage
    • Feature Walls
    • Landscaping
    • General Illumination
    Download PDF Specification Sheet