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Replacement Battery 1.2v 3000mAh

Replacement Battery 1.2v 3000mAh


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(AA) 1.2v 3000mAh Ni-MH Replacement Battery to suit the following:

- SLDBL0026-2.6W-PIR

- SLDBL0027-2.6W-PIR

- SLDBL0026B-1W-WW

- SLDGS0052

- SLDGSK0054

- SLDWL0026-2.6W-PIR

- SLDWL0027-2.6W-PIR

Included as a part of our range just in case your batteries finally need replacement. 

Cheap and affordable, these batteries allow you to continue the use of your solar lighting without the expense of purchasing an entire new light. 

*Each battery sold separately* (i.e. 1 battery per $9.50)
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